crystal quartz

manifestation . healing . amplification  

birthstone:  April
anniversary:  3rd, 15th

The word quartz may have its origins in the ancient Greek word "krustallos" which means "ice".  Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that quartz was ice that never melted because it was formed by the gods.  Highly valued by spirital healers and psychics, clear crystal quartz (aka rock crystal) is what fortune tellers' crystal balls are usually made out of.

Crystal quartz is known as the stone of power, able to amplify the user's intent. The crystals are said to be able to hold a pattern of energy to facilitate the manifestation of a goal.  It is also called the "master healer", able to cleanse and enhance organs and bring the body into balance.  It is believed that crystal quartz can amplify the effects of other crystals.  It can be thought of as the ultimate "power-up" crystal.