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Set of 3 Mixed Metal Bangle Bracelets


These stacking bangles are thin and dainty but very sturdy and will not bend or lose their shape. The set of three bracelets includes one antique copper bangle, one sterling silver bangle, and one silver-studded antique copper bangle. They are each hand-forged from solid 10 gauge wire and hammered to create a beautiful organic texture. The bangles then spend a couple of hours in a rotary tumbler to make them shiny and strong. The copper bangles are finished by hand in a reactive process which gives them their lovely antique patina. 

There are three sizes in stock (please measure...don't just guess!):
Large - 2.75 inch diameter
Medium - 2.5 inch diameter
Small - 2.25 inch diameter

How to measure your bangle size:
1. Hold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle. Bring all of your fingers together with your thumb and little finger touching.
2. Measure around the hand at the WIDEST point with a tape measure or a strip of paper. Be sure to pull the paper or tape measure snug against your skin. Mark the paper with a pen and measure it with a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your hand.
3. Divide the circumference of your hand by 3.14 to determine the diameter. (Example: Your hand circumference is 8 inches. Divide by 3.14 and get 2.54 inches diameter. A medium bangle would be the best fit for you.)

- Arrives in a cotton-filled gift box appropriate for gift giving.
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