A Message Regarding COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has presented challenges for businesses around the world, with many forced to close, cut back production, or increase shipping times as employees must remain home under lockdown or shelter in place orders.  However, since I am in the unique position of working by myself in my own home, none of this actually affects my ability to fulfill your orders.  I am staying at home, making, packing and shipping your jewelry with just my own (well-washed) hands.  Barring any shutdowns or slowdowns at USPS (which hasn't occurred thus far) you'll still be getting your order in just a few days.  With art shows and markets completely shut down, this website is my only way to sell my work and I am thankful for every order.  Feel free to contact me anytime (info@aymcollections.com) if you have any other questions.  Otherwise, rest assured that I'm ready and waiting to fill your order and that I really appreciate your support!